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Before You Get Dentures Talk To Me

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Im so glad I found this website. I've been dealing with mouth pain for I've 5 years now. I have a 5 year old son who is fixing to be 6 in July and I remember my first chipped tooth happened while I was in labor. Since then I have been in severe pain a few of my teeth have just decayed and others chip everythimg I eat or brush. I have been holding off on getting my teeth fixed because I know it cost alot of money. Please give any advice you can thank you... Tiffany
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Help me please!, I'm going to your web site. Help I hope!,
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I was told I needed my top teeth removed and get an upper denture by age 20 i am now 23. Please tell me you can help me with this. i would like to smile again. Thank you.
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Hi, I need so much help due to soft enamel issues. I owe $4,000 to old dentist who didn't do crowns properly and have lost half of 3 so far to extractions. 4 gold crowns all buckling. I've got abcessed teeth, pain, numbness., etc.. No insurance after medical bills threw me into bankruptcy. I just want them all pulled out of my head. I'm sick of worrying about trying to fix them and wish a hammer could knock them out of my head. Ha. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow the sun will come out.
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Joey B
Was told yesterday I needed my top teeth removed and get an upper denture. I am shocked and scared to death. I have front teeth and both rear top teeth. The back ones had root canals years ago. Side teeth have been removed. Cannot go on this way. Please help me!!!
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joycebaby   in reply to rosepettles
Hi I don't recommend getting on you keep taking out, that's what I did 22 at once. then I get the dentures and they still don't work a lot of the denture cream out there, I haven't been able to eat a meal since I got them. just a thought!
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My grandma got dentures when she was fairly young because her teeth got knocked out in a car accident. I'm sure she would have loved having access to this kind of information, thank you so much for sharing. A <a href="http://www.thedenturecent...">denturist in red deer</a> would be proud to see this.
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rosepettles   in reply to NancyMcGuire
I have just been told that I need to have all my teeth removed but I am so scared of having to have dentures and dont have the money for anything
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need teeth
I tried to click on the link and it just took me to other links I also called the phone number and it doesnt take incoming calls. How do I get in contact with your office?
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You know this all sounds well and good but I'm confused how you can help all these different people fron differents states, I'm not so sure I've ever heard of smilesforless here in houston,tx. Provided they do take certain medicaid insurance. do they have payment plans or financial asistance.
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Frank M
I went into the link and it just shows a bunch of other links< Im in terrible pain constantly, and have my wedding coming up in less then a year. Want to be able to smile in my wedding pics, what do i do?
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 in response to NancyMcGuire...   Hi I am in the state of Indiana and I am looking for dentures for myself and a Korean Veteran, that the goovernment gefuses to help get dentures, he fought for our country now he has noone to fight for him,please help us f you can.
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 in response to foxontheprowl...   What type of application are you talkigabout and how would I get ne?/
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need to smile
 in response to foxontheprowl...   just found your post while searching for a way to get dentures for myself please post here if you have really found a way sounds like my situation is extremely simular to yours. have 15 teeth left cant eat in pain don,t have a couple of grand for dentures
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Nancy, I've been a member of Aidpage since Dec 2010. I've always been ashamed of my teeth, and I don't like to laugh at all. I have 1 set of "eye" teeth that I don't like, and I've lost alot of my back teeth, and find it hard to chew. I also have a cavity on one of my front teeth. I just want all of them pulled and have a set of dentures, but I'm uninsured. I went to your site and filled out an application. Can you really help me knowing I don't have any insurance? At 53, I would really like to smile for once in my life, and not put my hand over my mouth when I laugh.
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 in response to inpain247...   

Hi Lou Ann,

I am a long time contributor to Aidpage and went through a brief period of loosing my account.  Since being back, I have focused on other threads and just decided to visit this one.  I have helped countless people over the years with dental issues.  In short, if you paid money to a dentist to do a bunch of work that you feel is not complete, you are entitled to feeling better.  Have you contacted the dentist who did the original work?  If so, what has been their response?  Feel free to PM me if you like.  I will do what I can to help.

Take care and God Bless!

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Hi, Nancy. One thing you don't really mention is the "Good money after bad" syndrome. I paid $1,100 for my last root canal, only to have that tooth break off at the gumline while I was eating a slice of pizza. Then I had to pay an oral  surgeon $350 to remove what was left of that tooth!   $1,500 on a tooth I could have had pulled for $80! My sister has had dentures since her 30's. She's been trying to talk me into getting dentures for years. Well, she's right!  I've had it.  I'm done.  I will never get another root canal.  I have better things to do with $14,000 than spend it on root canals and crowns that will only go bad and have to be pulled eventually anyway. I want all of my teeth pulled. I want full dentures. Please tell me you can help me with this. Thank you!


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This is a response to Nancy McGuire's post.  I sure hope she still comes to this website.  I just read her reponse to someone in need.  Wow, I feel recharged knowing that there are still people out there like Nancy.  She shows compassion and the help she offered was unbelieveable!  I know that you made that persons feel like they won the lottery.  I too feel I need to pull out the rest of my teeth and get dentures.  I have been up all night with pain from a very ill fitting bridge and many cavities still in my mouth after two dentists and 17,000.00 in loans.  I can't eat, sleep and I have not worked for months.  I also have RA so I have a double whammy.  I live in Madison Wi and can not get any assistant from the state.  They say our income is borderline, however we are financed over the hill and can not even afford my meds from month to month.  Nancy, if you are still out there, Thank you, for being you!  You are truly an angel from above.


Lou Ann Sheridan

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painful mom

where r u at??? I need help but Im in cleveland area, but im pretty sure I need all need all mine pulled, alot in back r broke at the gums and the front one loose and ready to come out and Ive lost 2 crowns already and two more are loose now! Im in a no wil situation I think.

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your advice is very helpful! im currently trying to get dentures done because i have only pieces of teeth left and i cant afford for anything better im unemployed n trying to enroll into college so i really thank you for the advice and i will be sure to share it!

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